The training guide will develop your understanding of data protection in practice. 

Things to Remember

The guide highlights information which is important to remember:


Created by our team to fulfill an ever-growing request from businesses for structured help implementing GDPR.


The guide is structured to provide you with the knowledge you need to establish what is required by your specific business to become compliant with the latest data protection legislation.

As you work through the text you complete a series of tasks that help you to establish where your business is, what you need to do to become compliant, and how to reach it!

Examples of Working Practice

As you continue through the guide examples of working practice are given to provide clarity in working situations:


Working through the guide you will be given tasks to complete which relate to your working environment:




  • Your Introduction to GDPR
  • GDPR the Principles
  • 12 Steps to Data Protection Compliance
  • Getting Ready for GDPR
  • Collecting Evidence of Consent
  • Developing Privacy Notices
  • Third-party and Online Protection
  • Allocation of Data Protection Tasks
  • Managing Requests
  • Investigating and reporting Data Breaches
  • Implementing Privacy Management
  • Developing Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Training



Along with the workbook you will receive Word and excel documents that you amend as you work through the guide.  These documents become your working compliance policies and your evidence of compliance.


Packages Available:

To ensure we provide an option that works for all businesses we have a number of purchasing options with the guide:

Option 1:

60 page guide and templates                                  £145

Option 2:

60 page guide, templates and two hours of onsite consultancy with our change specialist                 £495

Option 3:

60 page guide, templates and a half day onsite training with our change specialist                         £895

Additional GDPR Training/Support Services:

GDPR Employee Awareness Training

Online GDPR Employee Awareness Training


If you would like further information or purchase the guide please email:


The Complete Guide to Implementing the General Data Protection Regulations for

Small Business.


Providing a hands-on approach to learning and implementing GDPR our guide features: