GDPR Toolbox for Small Business (in-house / public)

Designed specifically for small business to ensure they have the tools to become compliant with the new data protection regulation. (3 hours)

GDPR Employee Awareness  (in-house / public / online)

An overview of data protection regulations and the impact this has on the day-to-day running of a business and each employee's responsibility for the data they handle. (1 hour)


Problem Solving (in-house / public)

This course will look at how to accurately assess the source of a problem or challenge and how to identify solutions to overcome the challenges you are facing.  It explores a range of tools that can be used for smaller problems, as well as tools that can target more complex challenges. (2 hours)


Introduction to Trust Law & Administration (in-house / public)

A course which provides attendees with an understanding of the legal and administration requirements needed to run an effective and compliant administration service for trust structures. (1 day)

Introduction to Company Law & Administration (in-house / public)

The course will give attendees an understanding of the legal and administration requirements needed to ensure company records are maintained and filed correctly. (1 day)

Introduction to Investments (in-house / public)

A course for relative newcomers to investment.  It provides an understanding of the investment environment and how investments work.  (1 day)

Introduction to Bookkeeping (in-house / public)

A two-day course that will provide attendees with a working knowledge of bookkeeping which can immediately be applied to an office environment. (2 days)

Collaborative Working (in-house / public)

A look at what effective collaboration is and how to encourage greater collaboration at work.  Learn how to create an environment that will encourage people to engage in constructive collaboration and how to address potential pitfalls.  (2 hours)



GDPR for HR Professionals (in-house / public)

This training explores the impact of GDPR from a HR perspective and develops an understanding of the  compliance requirements. (1.5 hours)

IC Training offer change and development  programmes across all levels of the organisation.  We pride ourselves in delivering effective and innovative programmes that deliver real results at an affordable price.   

Skilful Delegation (in-house / public)

This course will develop the delegates business understanding of delegation and its role in managing people and workloads successfully.  It focuses on developing effective delegation skills for your management style and how to maintain oversight of progress, without falling into the micromanagement trap. (2 hours)

The Effective Supervisor (in-house / public)

A practical course with a focus on how to motivate the team, carryout performance analysis, avoid and resolve team/supervisor conflicts, problem solve and employ a variety of intervention methods. (7 hours)

How to Read a Set of Accounts (in-house / public)

This half-day course is an ideal introduction for those who need to know how to read and understand a set of accounts. (3 hours)

Company Meetings (in-house / public)

A review of company meetings, types of resolutions and how/why such meetings are carried out. (1.5 hours)

Preparing Company Accounts (in-house / public)

This course shows delegates how to prepare company accounts in an offshore format. (2 hours)

Preparing Trust Accounts (in-house / public)

A course that provides delegates with the knowlege of how to prepare trust accounts. (2 hours)

Demystifying Company Liquidation (in-house / public)

Specifically designed to demystify company liquidations in Guernsey and the BVI. (1.5 hours)

Guernsey Companies and Guernsey Trust (in-house / public)

This course aims to illustrate the features of Guernsey companies and trusts and the interaction between them.

(1.5 hours).

Guernsey Companies and the Guernsey Registry (in-house / public)

Aimed at individuals who deal with Guernsey companies and wish to understand what they need to do to comply with the requirements of the Guernsey Registry. (1.5 hours)

The Role of the Company Secretary (in-house / public)

Aimed at those wishing to understand the role of the company secretary, how the role contributes to the effective running of a company and how to effectively undertake key duties.  (1 day)

Retirement and Annuity Trusts (in-house / public)

This course is designed to give an overview of the pension alternatives available to Guernsey residents with an emphasis on retirement and annuity trusts. (1.5 hours)

Effective Feedback (in-house / public)

The course will look at how to give both positive and adverse feedback so that it encourages the type of behaviours you are looking to promote.  The session will also look at how to receive and respond constructively to feedback.

(2 hours)

If you would like further information on any of our courses, would like to register your interest in attending a public course, or want to arrange in-house training please contact us by email.   Please note our GDPR Employee Awareness Training is now also available Online.

Implementing Change (in-house / public)

A look at what drives change, the various stages of change and the role of the Manager to help facilitate the acceptance of change. (2 hours)

The Supervisor Role (in-house / public)

A course which looks at the four major functions a supervisor needs to undertake to be able to effectively lead a team of people successfully. (2 hours)

Performance Appraisals (in-house / public)

The focus of this course is to develop a Manager's capabilities and confidence to carryout performance appraisals.

(3 hours)

GDPR for Senior Managers and Directors (in-house / public)

A short course providing an overview for Directors/Senior Management on company responsibilities under the new data protection regulations. (1 hour)

Treating Customers Fairly (in-house / public)

This course reviews the fair treatment of customers, customer ourcomes companies should try to achieve and good practice.  The session covers situations that relate to the insurance industry. (2 hours)

Vulnerable Persons (in-house / public)

The course raises awareness of vulnerable people, the challenges they face when dealing with companies and discusses good practice when dealing with vulnerable customers. (1 hour)