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Why use an Offshore Company?

Understand why a client would want to use an offshore company. 1 hour

Understand Offshore Company Accounts

Be able to review and interpret offshore company accounts for clients. 2 hours

Introduction to Bookkeeping

Develop a sound knowledge of bookkeeping and its importance in records maintenance. 12 hours

Company Resolutions

Types of resolution and what is required to ensure they are valid. 1 hour

Company Liquidations

Specifically designed to demystify company liquidations in Guernsey. 1 hour

Administration Support for Directors

The role of assisting a director in fulfilling their responsibilities. 1 hour

Guernsey Companies and the Guernsey Registry

Understand the legal requirements when dealing with the Guernsey Registry. 1.5 hours

Incorporating a Guernsey Company

The requirements of incorporating a company under Guernsey company law. 1 hour

External Audit

Explore the auditor’s role and learn how to prepare the required paperwork. 1 hour

PCC’s and ICC’s

The workings of a PCC and an ICC under Guernsey company law. 1 hour

Preparing Offshore Company Accounts

How to prepare company accounts in an offshore format. 2 hours

Introduction to Company Law and Administration

How to complete documentation correctly & the implications of poor administration. 6 hours

Statutory Records

The nature and content of statutory records under Guernsey company law. 1 hour

Management and Control

The management and control required for offshore companies and trusts. 1 hour

Company Meetings

A review of company meetings, types of resolutions and how/why such meetings are carried out. 1 hour

“Informative and well explained in practical terms”.