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Directors Briefing – Data Protection Regulations

An overview for Directors/Senior Management on company responsibilities under the latest data protection regulations. 1.5 hours

Data Protection – Employee Awareness Training

Understand the latest data protection requirements and your responsibilities. 1.5 hours

AML/CFT – Knowing You Customer

Understand what you need to know about your customers to better identify customer risk. 2 hours

AML/CFT – Monitoring Client Activity

Be able to monitor customers effectively for potential money laundering activity. 2 hours

GDPR Health Check

Take a step back from your day to day work and review your data protection compliance. 2 hours

Data Protection – Employee Refresher Training

To ensure all your employees are up to date in their understanding of data protection and their responsibilities. 1.5 hours

Data Protection – Recent Data Breach Cases

An overview of recent data breach cases and what we can learn from them. 2 hours

AML/CFT – Risk Assessing Clients

Understanding the AML/CFT risk and how to make risk assessments. 2 hours

Introduction to AML and CFT

An introduction to anti-money laundering and combating financial terrorism. 2 hours

Treating Customers Fairly

Learn about what is and is not considered fair treatment of customers in the finance sector. 2 hours

Working within Data Protection when Marketing

Providing an understanding of the data protection regulations that apply when you are marketing your business. 2 hours

AML/CFT – Completing Customer Due Diligence

An introduction to customer due diligence and ensuring it is carried out correctly. 1 hour

AML/CFT Internal Suspicion Reporting

Covers the when and how to raise a suspicion of money laundering internally. 2 hours

Directors Briefing: AML/CFT

What is required of Directors and Senior Managers under the latest AML/CFT requirements. 1.5 hours

Vulnerable Persons

The challenges for vulnerable people in accessing services and good practice when dealing with vulnerable customers. 1.5 hours

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