Our Offshore Trust Administration Pathway has been developed from years of training experience in the offshore trust industry. The pathway is designed to support the onboarding and growth of Trust Administrators who wish to develop their knowledge and skills working within the legal framework or Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man.

Phase 1 – Getting Started as a Trust Administrator

These workshops provide a solid foundation for employees new to the offshore industry. This learning phase provides a grounding in AML and Data Protection requirements, which employees must have during their induction to the role, and introduce new trust administrators to the workings of an offshore company and an offshore trust.

Three half-day workshops, held monthly.

Phase 2 – Trust and Company Administration

Phase two is designed for an employee with a solid foundation in the offshore environment but who wishes to continue to develop their practices. These workshops focus on building knowledge of local law and the skills required to be an effective administrator across the full life-cycle of offshore trusts and offshore companies.

Five half-day workshops, held monthly.

Phase 3 – Trust and Company Accounts

Once an employee has a solid grasp of trust and company administration this learning phase allows them to learn how to read and prepare a set of company and trust accounts. It also provides an understanding of the role of audit and different types of investment vehicles utilised in a trust and company environment.

Three half-day workshops, held monthly

The Offshore Trust Administration Pathway offers companies the opportunity to provide relevant, practical training to employees across all offshore jurisdictions. This ensures employees are trained to consistent work standards, regardless of their physical location.

“I had a great experience. Angus Kemp was fantastic and I came away feeling confident with that I had just learnt.”