Our guide will take you and your company through the process of implementing data protection which is compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). As you work through the pages, it will help you define your data protection responsibilities and highlight where your company requires changes in order to comply.

This guide will transform your understanding of GDPR and allow you to implement the protocols into your business.

£145.00 includes support documents and instructional webinars.

USING YOUR GUIDE The course has been designed by our Change Management Specialist to provide step-by-step instruction and practical examples, rather like attending a course in your own office. It provides information on each part of GDPR, what it means for your company, and leads you through the tasks which ultimately form your data protection polices and procedures. Once complete, this guide will become your working document and show evidence of your journey to compliance.

Completion of these tasks will help you to start gathering the information required for compliance and begin to understand the impact of GDPR on your business. At the end of each section is a review that refreshes the key areas of the regulations discussed. They can be used for quick reference at any time during the implementation process or as a refresher in the future.

Along with this guide you have access to instructional webinars and you will received a number of downloadable documents that can be saved to your desktop. The documents have been specifically designed to be amended and will form an essential part of your GDPR compliance framework.

When completed, your guide and documents will have transformed into an evidence folder which references:

  • The work undertaken by your company to ensure good data protection in practice.
  • How personal information (or data) is being processed and secured by your company.
  • Your company’s compliance with the new regulations.

Let us help you get your business fully compliant, just follow our guide, watch our webinars and fill out our document templates!

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