These are challenging times! The survival of your company will go well beyond cashflow and profit management. It will also hinge on how well you manage your employee wellbeing during and after the crisis.

For many employees office socialisation is a big aspect of their personal wellbeing and working remotely from home will bring a level of isolation they will not have experienced before. What are you doing to support your employees as they deal with feelings of isolation and uncertainty about the future?

When the current restrictions are lifted, a full business recovery period will follow.  Investing now in the wellbeing and productivity of your employees will have a big impact on how quickly your business will recover.

Island Consortium has developed a number of solutions that will help support and provide structure to your business and staff in these very tough and unprecedented times.

Please talk to us and we can recommend the right offering for your team.


A breakout space for all your employees to catch up, including:

  • Scheduled Coffee Breaks
  • Employee Message Board
  • Fortnightly Wellbeing and Productivity Email

Cost: £395 Month


Personal contact with employees to help them maintain their productivity, motivation and wellbeing:

  • Wellbeing calls to employees
  • Online face-to-face discussions
  • All discussions are confidential and with an independent consultant.

Cost:  On demand is £160 set-up fee, then £80 per hour 

  •   4 hours            £320 month, then £80 per hour
  •   8 hours            £640 month, then £75 per hour
  • 12 hours           £940 month, then £70 per hour


The full employee wellbeing package combines both the socialisation aspect of the Virtual Staff Room with the more personalised Mentoring and Support service which will help meet your employee’s individual needs.

Cost:  per month

  1. Bronze          £695 Virtual Staff Room and 4 hours
  2. Silver            £995 Virtual Staff Room and 8 hours
  3. Gold             £1,295 Virtual Staff Room and 12 hours

Let us help you get your business and staff through these uncertain times.

LET’S TALK…    call: +44 (0) 7839 111968    email: admin@islandconsortium.com

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