When you work with Island Consortium, you get trainers focused on offering learning experiences that are tailored to achieving company outcomes.  Our clients are our partners, and our aim is to identify and understand your business challenge, so the training we deliver will meet your needs.

Flexibility and experience is key to our success.  We offer a range of training and training design services to improve employee or team performance.   All our training courses are focused on giving your employees what they need to be more effective at what they do. 

The type of work we do:

  • Our trainers will deliver courses onsite or via an online classroom, so it is readily accessible
  • We offer Learning pathways where learning can be progressed over time to become embedded into practice
  • Provide In-house training and coaching to enable employees to explore, learn, adapt and change within the office
  • Develop training aligned to in-house policies and procedures.
Course Delivery

We offer a range of training delivery approaches, so you can choose the best option for you:

In-house training scheduled at a suitable time to our customer

Virtual classroom delivered on your desktop or mobile device

Independent online course delivered on your desktop or mobile device

Public training  delivered in a neutral venue

Whether your course is delivered in a training room with others, through 1-to-1 coaching, or by virtual class or an online course, you will receive a CPD Certificate to reflect your hours of learning.

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